Friday, May 24, 2013

About this Blog

This blog will cover a variety of topics, including but not limited to academic philosophy, practical and public philosophy, pedagogy, theology, and pop culture. I am not sure it is wise to put together such disparate topics into a single blog, but I am also not hung up on acting wisely. I figure (hope) the posts will be independently interesting enough to keep people coming.

Regarding academic philosophy, I'll be using this blog to post some "first thoughts" on topics I hope possibly to do actual work on. As such they will often take the form of responses to articles I've recently read or speculations off the top of my head. To expose people to such not-even-first-draft material is self-indulgent, but hopefully the posts will be interesting enough to engender conversations. (Part of my motivation for doing this involves the fact that I am the only Philosopher at my university, meaning I find myself sometimes starved for research-related conversation. Please talk to me, other Philosophers!)

Please feel free to comment on any post you see, or to email me at

When I figure out how to put this in a separate "about me" section of this blog, I'll move this text over there…

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